Tackling polarization, building trust

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee speaking about building trust after polarisation and moving from being ‘enemies’ to becoming friends.

This event will start on Monday 17 July at 16:45 and end on Friday 21 July at 12:30.

In Europe more and more people are isolating themselves, retreating into groups based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or class. Put simply, they’ve stopped talking to the ‘other’. You could say polarization is a feature of our age. And it’s a feature that’s deeply affecting the way Europeans work together for the common good.

This event will gather people from all parts of Europe – and beyond – who want to create concrete, hope-building European initiatives, drawing on moral and spiritual values common to the main philosophical and faith traditions and eventually offer an alternative to polarization.

The main objective is to give hope and inspiration and show concrete examples of initiatives that build trust and address the current trend of polarization in Europe. To put people in touch with like-minded initiatives; to give opportunities for new partnerships, for creating networks and exchanging tools.

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