Our Aims

Our Aims

We will establish a programme of four missions a year over the next three years in response to invitations already received from local peace organisations in conflict and post-conflict areas to work in partnership with us.

We will build on the reconciliation work that we have been doing with our partners in Northern Ireland.

We will directly influence government and policy makers to devote more resources to non-violent conflict resolution, and support our partner organisations to do the same.

We will support other similar pairings of people previously on opposite sides who wish to work together to promote peaceful conflict resolution.

Photograph after the Radio 4 programme Reunion. Lord Hurd, Harvey Thomas,Jo Berry and Patrick Magee,
Photograph after the Radio 4 programme Reunion.Presenter Sue MacGregor with Lord Hurd, Harvey Thomas, Jo Berry and Patrick Magee,

Influencing peace making policy

We recognise that it is not enough to directly inspire and facilitate conflict avoidance and transformation with local populations.  It is also important to use the knowledge and insights that participants gain to influence wider policy making.  Hence we propose to develop a team of supporters in the UK and elsewhere who are encouraged to campaign for their government to devote resources to exploring and enabling conflict resolution, particularly ‘bottom up’ approaches. In particular, we wish to develop the website and enhance our presence on social media to support this work as well as involving supporters in events and campaigns.  Some work has already started on this, for example, we already have a good working relationship with the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues. In each area we visit we do local media so that the work has more impact, as well as supporting the local groups to promote the potential for successful non-violent conflict resolution.

‘We must be the change we wish to see.’ Mahatma Gandhi