New Trustee

New Trustee

We are very excited to be adding a new Trustee to our brilliant team. Saba Ali is a Global Leader on Gender Equity and Hate Crime and a lived experience speaker. In her words,

‘I believe we all deserve an opportunity to be loved, cared for, treated with dignity and given equal opportunities in the diverse world we live in today.’

Saba brings many unique attributes, outstanding skills and her shared passion for a peaceful world; we are very honoured to have her. She has many brilliant ideas for the Charity and tremendous enthusiasm, which means we can do even more to spread our message of building bridges and peace.

There are many amazing opportunities Jo Berry is  being asked to do for the Charity, such as peacebuilding in Cyprus, meeting ex combatants and survivors of terrorism from other conflicts, working with young people in the UK, and contributing in Northern Ireland. And much more. So the next weeks will be about finding funding, making us sustainable as well as seeing how we can make more impact in the world. Every time Jo speaks or delivers a workshop, we know people are empowered to give up revenge and blame, instead choosing compassion and empathy.

Exciting times!

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