The Global Peace Party Presents

Peace is a Collaborative Response-Ability

The Challenge of Peace
Jo Berry’s Story: Jo’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing in 1984. She tells how she needed to understand the roots of violence by meeting with Patrick McGee, the man from the IRA who planted the bomb. Jo and Patrick have travelled to many war zones around the world working their way in a dance of peace, sometimes with great opposition.

Polly Higgins: Mobilising criminal law to protect people and planet. Everyone has the power to be an Earth Protector.

Film: Peter Willcox, captain of the Rainbow Warrior – Greenpeace. Earth Protectors in Action!

Restorative Gloucestershire: After harm has been done, stereotypes can dissolve when both sides stand in each other’s shoes, or see the world through the eyes of another. Speaker, Paul Mukasa.

Host: Trish Dickinson invites you to bring your passions, voice and visions, joining with the speakers, on this International Day of Peace. Trish encourages cross-generational conversations as our day evolves in collaborative actions which will Prevent harm to life on Earth.

At Subscription Rooms, Stroud GL5 1AE

Saturday 23rd September 9.30am – 4.30pm

Student Price £10, Full Price £15

Tickets from Subscription Rooms, Stroud


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