Building Bridges for Peace through schools – an appeal

Building Bridges for Peace through schools – an appeal

Thirty five years ago, a bomb exploded in a Brighton hotel. Jo Berry’s father was killed and Jo’s life was changed. She was 27 when the bomb went off and she vowed to bring something positive out of the atrocity. Thirty five years later Jo’s commitment to work building bridges for peace is as strong as ever.

Currently we have some funding for Jo to work with under 16’s in a few schools in the East End of London. Jo will be working with them to create projects related to topics which impact the world they live in such as knife crime etc

However although we have invitations and interest from more schools around the country, sadly they do not have any budget to be able to support her to go there. So we are putting out an appeal for help to fund this work in schools. The cost for each school project varies but typically is about £500. This covers basic travel and accommodation costs, plus of course Jo’s time. If courses can be run back to back in one area then costs are less.

We would like to raise enough funds by the end of 2019 to fund 7 school projects in the first quarter of 2020.

With so much division, hatred, and violence in our society, the need for these courses is as important as ever.

Please contribute what you can here:

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