'Over the last 7 years Jo has been developing workshops some on her own and some with Pat Magee.

She is now offering these workshops to others. In all her workshops she believes in creating a emotionally safe environment where all feelings are valid, where each person knows the right truth for them, and where no one is judged. She has been working in this way in prisons, schools, Universities, internationally in post conflict communities and at peace conferences.

She is available to work on her own or with Pat Magee, and happy to make the talk/workshop fit in with the needs of your group.

The unique quality of the workshops and talks that she does with Pat Magee is that they are always different as they are still changing and learning from their ongoing dialogue.

They also demonstrate how we can respect each other even when we disagree.

They have learnt over the years the power of being vulnerable, speaking from our hearts, sharing our difficulties as well as our strengths.

They share how they have moved from being ‘enemies’ to becoming friends, and share how it feels to now be friends. From the feedback they have received it is apparent that they facilitate others to feel emotions and get in touch with different parts of themselves.

Jo has often heard that people are now ready to listen to someone they have rejected, or that they now know what they need to do in order to move on. It is as if it gives us all a chance to see where we are on our journey and look at our next steps.

Workshops or talks with Pat Magee and Jo Berry

Making Friends with the Enemy Within  
In this workshop we create a safe place for us to open up and take responsibility for the part we project onto others.

It is an opportunity to be heard and acknowledged and then to move on. We find that through sharing our journey of moving from 'enemies' to friends we facilitate this process in others allowing others to own their unhealed parts and then let go of the projection 
Post Conflict Healing  
We have experience of sharing with communities in different parts of the world where there has been enemies and much pain. We can create a safe place where the 'other' can begin to be heard and understood, When we get a glimpse of the humanity in the 'other' then healing can happen. 
Engaging With The Other  
We offer our experience to support others who are making steps to engage with the ‘Other’ from the preparation stage to the post meeting support. We  help to create the emotional safety so that it is possible for each to hear the other and begin to understand the other.  

Workshops or talks with Jo

Making Friends with the Enemy Within
In this workshop Jo creates a safe place for us to open up and take responsibility for the part we project onto others. It is a opportunity to be heard and acknowledged and then to move on.  
Dialogue With The Enemy  
In this workshop we look at how we can communicate with the 'other' so that we have more chance of being heard. Also how to challenge the other without blaming and how everyone can retain their dignity  

Conflict Resolution for Families  
This is a chance for all ages to come together and be listened to with empathy and understanding. Jo's experience is that once the 
real need is heard behind the behaviour it is easier to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs.  
Conflict Resolution for Couples

This workshop is for couples that are finding they are often in conflict and need help with finding solutions that are right for them both. Jo will not be giving answers but creating a safe place where each party can be heard and thus find a mutual solution. Often the real issues are hidden and only surface with empathic listening and sensitivity. 

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