“I had the pleasure of working with Jo Berry and Pat Magee on an event hosted by OneVoice. Working with people who are embroiled in conflict, and knowing how difficult it is to create trust or empathy in such circumstances, I was astounded by the strength and resolve that they both exhibited, showing an ability to get past grief, mistrust and suffering on scale that I can scarcely imagine. Anyone who is working toward peace, reconciliation or change in difficult of environments needs to listen carefully to what they can tell us.”
John Lyndon European Executive Director at OneVoice Movement/Peaceworks Foundation

“In November 2011, Jo Berry and Patrick Magee accepted an invitation to speak during a workshop at the premises of the Berghof Foundation in Berlin, Germany. Their dialogue and their willingness to address also the most difficult questions left a deep impression on the audience which was comprised of Berghof Foundation staff and selected guests from Berlin and abroad with an active interest in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Several of the participants remarked afterwards that for them ‘this was the most meaningful event of the year’”
(Beatrix Austin, Senior Coordinator, Berghof Foundation, Berlin, Germany)

"Jo is an inspirational and captivating speaker; when she speaks it is more like a transmission, so that the audience is transported into an experience of empathic listening and compassion.
Listener at talk

Borne from her courageous journey to face her pain and trauma, through a willingness to truly listen with empathy and openness, Jo’s gift is “disarming with empathy” 
Her message is very pertinent following the recent riots in UK, and is a more constructive and healing response than demonising and blaming. 

Jo speaks with striking fluidity and grace, and has a real gift of communication.  She deeply touches and moves her listeners, and speaks her truth with a rare openness and honesty directly from the heart."
(listener at talk)

“It  is quite awesome hearing Jo speak in public; she is so genuine it is actually riveting and you can’t but help pay attention – you don’t often come across people who are so genuine – it’s a bit like listening to the Dalai Lama, Osho or Ram Dass”
Dr Paul Anderson

“I have worked with Jo Berry for a number of years and observed her talking to audiences of all sizes and descriptions, from schools to prisons, to faith groups and the general public. Jo never fails to move, inspire and enlighten. The impact is consistently powerful, with members of the audience invariably moved to consider the benefits of reconciliation and how they might tackle unresolved conflicts in their own lives.”

Marina Cantacuzino Forgiveness Project

“I had been estranged from my father for 29 years, for reasons real or perceived, but for reasons so insignificant when compared to Jo Berry's.  On Nov. 9th, after having had Jo Berry in my head for a weekend, I called my father.  The planets were definitely aligned in my favour, because, lo and behold, he agreed to see me.  29 years in the making, the visit, that same evening, was comfortable, and calm.  While the past may not yet be "forgiven", nor "forgotten" (whatever those words mean), my visit was the first chip in a 29-year old wall.  Jo Berry had a deep impact on my psyche.  I now find myself wanting to behave differently, to be humbler and kinder, less aggressive, and less ready to think the worst.  ”
CBC Radio one Listener

“Jo Berry is an excellent communicator, with an ability to connect with wide-ranging audiences in relation to issues of social justice, peace-building and non-violent means of resolving conflict.  Jo's experiences and the power of her presentation impacted greatly upon the students. Her visit to the university was an unforgettable one for the young people studying at Birmingham and it left a lasting impact.”
Basia Spalek, University of Birmingham

“ Her skills are contagious. Doing a workshop with her, or hearing her talk, enables you to pick up and learn what she does so well.”                                                                   
Dr Scilla Ellworthy Founder Peace Direct


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