International Network for Peace

Building Bridges has the role of Chair of the INP

The International Network for Peace is a project that grew out of Peaceful Tomorrows’ groundbreaking international conference “Civilian Casualties, Civilian Solutions,” which took place on September 11, 2006, the five-year anniversary of 9/11. The seeds planted at that conference have grown into a truly international network of organizations from 17 different countries, formed by survivors of political violence to promote justice, reconciliation and genuine peace. (conference report)

In the weeks following, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows brought conference participants to speak at several public events at American universities. The response was overwhelming. Educators and students of international affairs were extremely grateful to learn about the successful models of non-violent conflict resolution that are occurring all over the world. (see more)

We are expanding the work we currently offer in prisons, offering talks and  facilitating reflection sessions which it is believed will begin the process of the prisoners taking responsibility for their actions and recognising the impact on their victims.

We are contributing in schools to the GCS Religion course as well as giving a thought provoking talk to 6th forms around the subjects Is war ever justified, Could you forgive someone who hurt someone you loved, How can you be an authentic leader? Also offering workshops in conflict transformation.

We are contributing to academic research in the role of dialogue in conflict transformation in Universities and research bodies. Our material is currently the basis of the first module of the first year of politics at Keele University

Northern Ireland
We have relationship with several organisations who are working in Northern Ireland in the area of peace building, healing and conflict transformation. We are speaking in schools, youth groups, cross community groups and contributing to healing forgiveness and dealing with the legacy of the conflict. As Northern Ireland moves into an authentic post conflict situation the legacy of the conflict is a priority and our work can lend substantially to this process and this has been borne out by reflection and dialogue with key agencies and networks that we have been involved with and by formal evaluations of our work within established work like Living with Diversity.We are in the middle, of a important funding application which would allow us to do more extensive work and contribute to the legacy of the conflict.

International work
We have made an important contribution to Healing the wounds of History in Lebanon and have plans to go back to Lebanon as well as Rwanda, Israel and Palestine.

We are also working on a new project which will be a impact on a global level. We are researching for 12 individuals from around the world who have been affected by conflict and war either as a victim or a victimiser who have reached a place in them knowing your story could be my story. They have seen the myth of the ‘other’ and know the future peace of the world is dependent on giving up violence to resolve conflict and need to find solutions where all win. This group will occupy a web space and will work together to demonstrate the costs of violence is not worth it and show how we can see everyone in the world as connected to us. We will work with Governments, local and international departments of peace, UN and NGO’s. We believe empathy can disarm the world and this special group will have a powerful voice to change attitudes and touch hearts, changing our consciousness in how we see conflict and peace.


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