1. Love Thy Enemy

Sir Anthony Berry was killed in the Irish Republican Army's bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984. His daughter Jo talks about her friendship with the man convicted of the attack and why she thinks empathy can make a difference.

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2. Conflict, Change and Reconciliation:  Learning from the Frontline

Patrick Magee, Jo Berry & Andrew Woodward

Many people today feel their voices are not heard and that they are powerless to affect what goes on around them.  This sense of powerlessness can lead to apathy or explode into violence: frustrated people blame others for their lack of power, and see themselves as victims of circumstance.  It is a phenomenon that we are witnessing all around the world, from shanty towns and war-torn states to inner city housing estates terrorised by gangs, and it is one of the most difficult problems facing society today. 

This participatory workshop will hear from people who have dealt with conflict and violence at the most immediate, personal level and followed the brave and demanding path of reconciliation.  They will open with a dialogue of their experiences surrounding the IRA’s Brighton bombing campaign against the Conservative Government.  Jo’s father, Sir Anthony Berry MP, was killed in the explosion. Patrick planted the bomb at The Grand hotel in October 1985. He was a full member of the IRA.  They will challenge the group on their ideas of who and what a terrorist looks like and who a victim might be, and will introduce and reflect on the value of dialogue.

Participants will be invited to explore their own fears and prejudice within a “council” setting which creates a momentum for personal conflict resolution through the art of dialogue.   By turning our attention to those we feel are in conflict with us, we open ourselves to the opportunity for mutual understanding.  During the workshop, participants will work with different issues to explore these challenges, and will bring them together to create their own set of personal goals based on insights they have gained. 

Drawing on social theories of change and collective action, the sessions will grapple with questions of identity, resource mobilisation, organisational structures and the effectiveness of social movements.  What kinds of people tend to join movements and why?  What lessons can be learned for (and from) the green movement and others working for social change? Read More

3. Metaphor and Reconciliation: The Discourse Dynamics of Empathy in Post-Conflict Conversations (Routledge  Studies in Linguistics)

This book is written by Professor Lynne Cameron who analised the metaphor in the conversations between Jo Berry and Pat Magee. She writes:

Jo Berry and Pat Magee are not ordinary people and their conversations together are extraordinary. . Because of this, what may be leant from researching how they talk together will not necessarily be easily transferred to other people and other situations. However, it is my hope that this applied linguistic study can contribute in some way to understanding responses to violence and conflict that avoid revenge and bitterness,

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