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An Evening with Jo Berry and Patrick Magee 7th February 2013

"Building Bridges For Peace – Turning Tragedy into Hope"

All profits from the evening will be donated to Jo Berry and Pat Magee’s charity Buidling Bridges for Peace.

  • £10 if booked in advance (£12 on night)

  • £20 to include meal served after the talk (must be booked in advance)

  • £100 to be a sponsor for the evening (includes pre-talk reception with Jo and Pat plus other benefits; email: for more details)

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The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain: 

Impacts, Engagements, Legacies and Memories

University of Brighton, England, 11–13 July 2012

An inter-disciplinary conference hosted by the Centre for Research in Memory Narrative and Histories at the University of Brighton.  To explore the impacts and lasting effects of the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ in Britain and responses to the conflict from Britain.  For scholars across the arts, humanities and social sciences; peace-builders; political and community activists; artists and writers; public and voluntary sector professionals; and those with personal or organisational experience of the conflict.

Keynote Speakers
Professor Brandon Hamber (Institute of Conflict Research, University of Ulster)
Professor Mary Hickman (London Metropolitan University) 
Professor John Newsinger (Bath Spa University)
Colin Parry OBE (Co-Founder, Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace)
Plus: Survivor testimonies

Conference themes:
The literature of Irish exile and the Troubles in Britain
The British State, official discourse and the politics of the Irish conflict
Contesting the conflicted past: history, memory and forgetting 
Finding a voice: representation, politics and the Irish community in Britain
Negotiating the Troubles in British cultural institutions
Activist engagements: Irish Republicanism, feminism and the British Left
Suspect communities: Policing, racism and Irish identities in Britain
The British military in Ireland: strategies and experiences 
Revisiting the British campaign for withdrawal
Truth recovery, peace-making and the British State 
Responding to the IRA bombing campaign  
Film and the Troubles in Britain  
Peace-building and conflict transformation in Britain 

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Healing The Wounds of History:

Addressing The Roots of Violence

Jo Berry and Pat Magee are speaking in Rwanda at the HEALING THE WOUNDS OF HISTORY: ADDRESSING THE ROOTS OF VIOLENCE' June 12 to 14th

The main aim of the conference is to explore the psychological roots of violence in recent Rwanda, and to identify new modalities of healing, reconciliation and forgiveness, between both individuals and groups.

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Conflict, Change and Reconciliation

Learning from the Frontline - July 4-6, 2012.
Teachers: Patrick Magee, Jo Berry & Andrew Woodward

Many people today feel their voices are not heard and that they are powerless to affect what goes on around them. This sense of powerlessness can lead to apathy or explode into violence: frustrated people blame others for their lack of power, and see themselves as victims of circumstance. It is a phenomenon that we are witnessing all around the world, from shanty towns and war-torn states to inner city housing estates terrorised by gangs, and it is one of the most difficult problems facing society today.

This course is open for bookings.

Evening Talk at Studio 1, Conflict, Change and Reconciliation:, Learning from the Frontline, An Evening with Patrick Magee, Jo Berry & Andrew Woodward, Wednesday 4 July 7.30pm, Studio 1, Dartington Space. Click Here for more details.