About Us


• To inspire through the example of the Founders story
• To further the public relationship between Jo Berry and Patrick Magee
• To seek to understand fully the roots of violence and conflict
• To raise awareness that non violence is a global movement
• To promote non violence as a viable response to violence, terrorism and war
• To create opportunities for all people to be heard
• To establish ways to resolve conflict in which no-one is hurt
• To educate on conflict transformation
• To advocate the importance of emotional safety
• To facilitate dialogue between those affected by conflict
• To inform on the alternatives to blame
• To empower those who believe they do not have a voice
• To support other peace initiatives


• We believe in a world where the humanity of everyone is respected and acknowledged
• We believe that everyone has a voice and deserves to be listened to
• We believe in a world where conflict can be resolved non violently
• We believe in a world where behaviour can be challenged without demonising the person
• We believe that all human beings have the capacity for transformation


Simon Lewis
Lisa French
Claire Gilmour


Michael Appleton


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